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Our History
27Dress.co.uk, which is found in 2012, the business of evening dresses has grown rapidly and has set up branch offices in the United States with plans to have more in many countries. In 2019, 27Dress.Co.uk set up an official website for consumers not only in UK but also all over the world. Also, it browses from whether on PC or on mobile platforms. The brand name was inspired from impressing movie called “27Dresses”. 27Dress.co.uk’s founder Jenny loves this movie so much, that's why she chose this name.

27Dress.co.uk mainly sells evening prom dresses, but also simple wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses.
Why choose us
Suzhou, which our founder’s hometown, this city has 4000 years’ history and the craftsmanship of embroidery is famous all over the world. With the rapid development of the city's economy, it also retains its traditional craftsmanship, so tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Suzhou embroiderers use their superb craftmanship and enough patience to make dresses. This company also have a team to design dress styles ,but also provide stylish wedding dresses, evening prom dresses.

We know that sometimes customers need dresses urgently before the deadline, so we also use internationally trusted logistics carriers.And can ship some ready to ship dresses in 24 hours.

Also, we offer a secure and safe shopping environment for all customers. We use trusted payment processing systems like PayPal to make sure you have the convenience to pay as you like and the confidence that your information is safe.
Our Team
We have a young and creative team, whose ages around 28-32 years old. Excellent designers, Experienced tailors, attentive workers, and patient after-sales customer service constitute this professional team. Besides, we have our storage, so that staff can prepare dresses on time.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
Contact email address:service@27dress.co.uk
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China Address:
SUZHOU Misshow Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.
Floor 4,Building 8, No. 1, Huayun Road, Suzhou Industrial District,215000, China
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